Monday, February 15, 2010

Through A Child's Eyes

I love watching my kids discovering the world around them.

I love the way they trust the earth, and the way they don't fear the unknown. They just explore and discover their surroundings with a an innocent spark in their eyes.

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The way they don't need expensive gadgets or toys to appreciate God's gifts.

I love their enthusiasm for life and nature.

The way they love the little things.

I love the way they unconditionally love their mommy and daddy, even on bad days.

And the way they decorate our lives on particularly crummy days.

I love how they can get a "booboo", cry for a minute, then get right back up and start smiling all over again.

The way a hug and a kiss makes everything better.

I love their silly-hearted nature.

How making funny faces is a hobby.

And how everything is a reason to smile.

Even dirt.

I wish we could all see the world through child-like eyes.

With Passion.

With gratitude.

With love.