Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Place

I don't, by any means, live in the lap of luxury. With two kids and only one income, it's hard to make ends meet and sometimes that means having to go without a few things here and there. Truth be told, I don't mind.

We have a small, yet spacious, one bedroom apartment in a lovely city with schools, parks, downtown and the library nearby. We take long morning walks through it's beautiful, tree-lined streets about as often as the weather permits. I took the picture on my header during one of those walks.

We've only been here about four months, but I've truly loved every minute of it. We used to live in a two bedroom apartment, which was nice because the kids had their own space and I liked having a space for Joe and myself to catch up at night without worrying about waking a kid or tripping over a toy truck, but we needed to save some money on rent so we 'down-graded' to a one bedroom.

I will shamelessly admit that I live with an 'everything happens for a reason' state of mind, but every once in a while something will happen that will make me believe it 10 times more than usual.

Like when Joe took a 20% pay-cut due to the crappy economy and I realized we'd have to make some changes just so we could keep up with our bills and I kept telling myself 'Well, [grunt] everything happens for a reason.....[grunt, grunt, gripe, grunt, grunt]!!! ^%@$%&*&*!!!'  and then that same pay-cut brought us to a 'smaller' apartment in a beautiful city, only to have Joe's boss tell him he was un-cutting his pay-cut a few weeks after we had moved.

If that's not an 'everything happens for a reason' kinda' situation, then I don't know what is...........

I like it here! The boys are still young and don't mind sharing a bedroom with us....yet. I love crawling into bed at night and being able to hear them breathing nearby. I love how Tyler crawls into bed with me in the morning and says "wake up, mom! I need ceweal'. :)

I'm not fond of mullets, but I love my living room.

Huh? lol

Business in the front

Party in the back!

Some day, I will have real cows, and I will learn to milk them and make cheese, and then I will make them dresses and bonnets and name them Coco and Betsy. Oh! and then I will feed them chocolate, just to prove the whole 'if you feed a cow chocolate' thing........but until then, I will keep as many toy cows as I possibly can. 

 The best part about this apartment? This super cute little, vintage Hardwick stove that came with it.

Took these with my little Casio cam, so not best quality.

And the snowman on the right, well, I keep him there year round for a little summer time Christmas cheer while I cook. Plus, it reminds me to sneak a little cinnamon into everyone's food. It's good for your blood glucose levels, you know?

So, I may not have a great, big house with a big backyard and swimming pool, and that's OK. I have everything I need right here. Joe, my boys, my cows and my snowman are all I really need. It's my happy place. :)