Saturday, March 20, 2010

We've Got The Blues...And That's A Good Thing!

I'm a girl. I mean that. Which also means I don't like dirt, bugs, sports or any sort of messy messes. But sometimes you just have to let lose and go with the flow. Especially when it comes to little boys who love to make messes.

 And so, that's exactly what we did.

The boys were thrilled when mommy pulled out her perfectly organized and clean bottles of paint for them to play with.

Paper wasn't good enough. We had to push the limits a little.

I just let them be....And I didn't even have a panic attack. 

I just kept reminding myself that it washes off... and when that didn't work, I thought about my own childhood and all the times I wished I could play with paints only to have my mother tell me I wouldn't be any good at it if I tried. I'm sure she meant well, she just didn't know any better, because her parents used to tell her the same thing.

For an entire afternoon, right in between lunch and dinner, we explored with liquid colors. Orange. Red. Yellow. But mostly blue.


Blue doesn't always equal sadness, you know? You can be blue and be happy! I have photographic evidence of that.

Blue toddlers are super cute.

I want my boys to know that it's OK to get messy.
I want them to unleash their creative sides every chance they get and I will provide those chances as often as I possibly can.
I want to break the you-can't-do-that cycle that my mother's family has carried throughout many generations.

You only live once and my boys deserve to live their little, precious lives to the fullest. 

Who ever doesn't like it can go....

Paint themselves blue.

'Cause we don't give a hoot!