Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am Happy, Because...

Look at what I got in the mail on Saturday morning-

It's my notice to appear at my local ASC on October the 12th at 9am to have my biometrics taken. Yay! After that, it's one more interview to prove our marriage is legit (which should be quite obvious) and then I will be a legal permanent resident!

I am happy, because...

I decided to challenge my craftiness and try this super cute, baby shoe pattern found *HERE* and look what I made-

I love my boys, but sometimes I just have to do something that feeds the girlie side of my soul. Plus, I have a lot of girlfriends with baby girls, who probably wouldn't mind a pair of these.

I am happy, because...

I made these little felt strawberries and didn't know what to do with them afterward, but they sure look lovely around my pumpkin scented candle on my favorite Party Lite candle holder. Plus, they make great photo props. (see pic above)

I am happy, because...

I got sick of graham crackers and bought some Gourmet Maple Cream Cookies instead. Twice the price, but worth every penny. And they get extra points for being so darned cute! The boys loved them too!

Too bad they are 170 calories per serving (2 cookies).

Ah, it's the simple things in life that give me joy :)

Happy Blogging!


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  1. Congratulations!!!!! What wonderful news for you! I am new here and met you when you visited my blog earlier today. I am so excited for you on your journey to becoming an official American! I love your blog! I love how you share your heart and creativity at the same time. You are a blessing! Have a great rest of the week! So glad to meet you! Hope your interview goes off without a hitch!


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